AG Systems

AG Systems has etched millions of vehicles for manufacturers, port processors, distributors, large dealer groups, leasing/ rental companies, vehicle restylers and private dealerships for the past 30 years. AG Systems provides a Custom VIN Etching Program tailored to the clients specific needs. In addition to etching, a program can be bundled with other products such as warranties, protection for tire, wheel, fabric, paint, windshield and other custom packages.

Laser Etching

Our Patented LaserGuard System, was the first and only automotive laser etching system in the market for almost 20 years. Today, LaserGuard II is simply the most advanced and fastest portable window etching system in the world for engraving all auto VIN numbers. This engraving is permanent and renders the vehicle difficult, if not impossible, to be re-identified. Designed for high-volume production lines and large fleet processors, the high-speed laser dramatically reduces labor time and costs compared to chemical etching. 

Key Benefits

The AG Systems series of products provides the auto industry the most cost effective, time saving features and benefits. There are over 20 significant benefits for the manufacturer, port processor, large fleet owner, dealer, restyler, and more.

Etching vehicle identification numbers (VIN’s) onto the vehicle’s windows has proven to be one of the greatest theft deterrents of our time, and is widely endorsed by most Law Enforcement Agencies, and by many Insurance Companies.